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Nephrology Consultants of Georgia takes great pride in providing our patients with exceptional, updated, and timely kidney care in the state of Georgia.

What is NCG?

Exceptional Atlanta and Georgia Healthcare

Nephrology Consultants of Georgia provides a wide range of services in treating kidney diseases that can affect you and your loved ones. Our practice is composed of a highly dedicated and extremely experienced team of leading medical professionals from around the world specializing in kidney care that results in exceptional care . Our team of physicians are available to care for you with heartfelt attention anytime you need us by calling us or by appointment. Welcome to the next stage in your journey to great health and medical care that you can always depend on.

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Not only Nephrology Consultants of Georgia is dedicated to treating our patients through the most effective medical solutions, but we also promise to teach our patients to better help them in taking the next step in the journey to great, and revitalized health. Once new patients are examined to determine the extent of the care that they need, we are committed to quickly initiating the plan of treatment to improve our patients kidney function. Our services vary from providing treatments for acute conditions to long-term relief for chronic kidney disease. Whatever it may be that our patient need, our team has many years of experience in the specialty of nephrology and kidney disease and is eager to help you recover quickly.

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Georgia’s Best in Nephrology

When you choose Nephrology Consultants of Georgia it is a partnership between you and our doctors. We recognize that superior kidney care is a direct result of listening to our patient’s needs in order to construct a treatment plan personal to your body and your future. Our physicians carry decades of experience that they bring to our patients in Georgia. Our practice has been serving patients and the surrounding communities since 1980. We are serving Atlanta, Camp Creek, Fayetteville, Newnan, and Conyers. We customize our services to our patients’ needs and ensure that they receive exceptional quality of care. We look forward to following up with our established patients, as well as taking care of new patients.
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