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Here at Nephrology Consultants of Georgia, personalized care and professionalism is our top priority. Our leadership team has assembled a world-class group of doctors and medical professionals who specialize in a wide range of acute and chronic kidney care. Having all of this expertise in one place means the sole focus is you. Each physician is driven by respect, integrity, innovation, and excellence for our patients. No matter what your kidney needs are, we’ve got you covered.

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We proudly serve five locations in Atlanta and the surrounding area to meet the needs of our patients.

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All of our five clinics utilize specialized testing to evaluate your kidney function. You may undergo several tests as needed, so that your doctors can precisely identify why you are experiencing any symptoms. Then, our team will make a treatment plan personalized for your health. We will teach you during every step of your treatment. We understand that a kidney condition, such as kidney failure, can affect your whole life and family. An integral part of your care team will be health professionals trained in every aspect of your condition.

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Innovative Nephrology Care

Unlike other practices, with the Nephrology Consultants of Georgia, you can contact one of our doctors any time during the day. We have same day appointments for you. Your care is discussed among the team, so what may take weeks to accomplish elsewhere will only take days under our care. Not only you have access to immediate appointments, but you are also provided with quick and accurate medical reports as well as access to online patient forms. You are provided internet access to our staff and our physicians. Our team of nephrologists and hypertension specialists are constantly applying the latest research to your treatment plan to ensure you are receiving the latest and most modern care.
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